Our Payors

Our Payors

Community Partners Health Plans partners with nationally recognized payors to provide the highest quality services for our members.

High Quality Payor Services


To provide the best third-party administrator services available, CPHP has partnered with WebTPA, a national leader in the field. In addition to serving as our in-house administrator, WebTPA also offers several best-of-class ancillary vendor relationships to CPHP.

The partnership between CPHP and WebTPA proves there is a better way for self-funded employers to access healthcare. It is a partnership that not only works for us; it works for employers, healthcare providers, insurance companies, and, most importantly, patients.


CPHP has partnered with Humana to offer fully-insured health plans for small and large groups. Together, we make it easier to understand and navigate the health care system while providing exceptional service and guidance along the way.

Health Alliance Medical Plans

Our partnership with Health Alliance Medical Plans allows many of their members to access the CPHP network along with the Health Alliance network. This innovative option brings together the two most popular provider networks in the Champaign-Urbana community and allows access to Carle and Christie health care systems from one insurance company. By bringing these two networks together employees can get what they have always wanted and we can keep care in the local community.


WellCare is dedicated to providing affordable coverage and quality healthcare for Medicare beneficiaries. Founded in 1985, their team of over 3,500 associates serves more than 2.3 million members nationwide. They offer a portfolio of alternative Medicare products ensuring that as financial and healthcare needs of their enrollees change over time, there will be a choice of appropriate products available.

Health Facilities Partnerships

We are currently looking for partners who share our vision of better access to healthcare. Because the more providers, insurers, and administrative partners in the CPHP network, the more healthcare insurance options for employers and their employees.

Specific areas of consideration


Physicians and mid-level providers
Complete provider networks


Insurance companies
Reinsurance companies

Administrative Partners

Utilization review companies
Pharmacy benefits management organizations
Healthcare content suppliers
Healthcare news sources
Healthcare legal and compliance
Data management and reporting companies